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Onboard Houskeeping

Tangos Septic System

As all septic is held in below boat storage tanks it is important to follow this user guide: Pre flush the toilet before use for 3 seconds/after use flush for 5 to 8 seconds and repeat as needed until flush is complete.


You will always have a clean boat, crockery and utensils when you board tango ,so please leave the boat the same  before disembarking you will find all required  cleaning equipment and products aboard .

$300.00 cleaning fee will apply if the boat has not been left in same condition as when boarded remember many hands make light work .


Garbage bags are supplied so please tie off bags when full and dispose of in the 3 large holding bins on port side of boat, any rubbish, cans, bottles not secured in bags will incur $100 service charge.


All mattresses have mattress protectors fitted however we require bottom sheet fitted to avoid cleaning charge.

If you use the outside walkways when moving from front to rear of boat or rear to front your inside floor will stay cleaner longer. 

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